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Where we come from

Ten Years ago,  Hitech Wolf Inc. started out as Cohen Computers Inc. in New York.  While Cohen Computers Inc. was flourishing, in 2009, the decision makers decided to extend our reach to South Florida (yes, we followed the typical New Yorkers who migrated south moved to Florida).

The move to Florida has given us the ability to drastically lower the costs for our products (at the lowest manufacturer allowed prices) and services (at competitive rates), these savings does not only save Floridian businesses money, though it effects all of our clients throughout the US.

Hitech Wolf's priorities

  • To always be highly respectful of everyone/ group (we strive ourselves on our ZERO tolerance  for any type disrespect towards an individual based on what or who they are). Simply put, we strongly believe in full equality and not just equal rights.
  • Clients and their ability to conduct business.
  • Priority is the confidentiality we maintain throughout our company and relationships.
  • Saving our clients money so they can afford to run their business.
  • To be attentive to our clients, when they need us.

These are only a few of our priorities. Long story short, Hitech Wolf is a business partner (your partner), that is there to make sure Technology does not bankrupt you, nor holds you back from doing what you need to do in your business.

We have proven this by saving a major client over $75,856 in new servers, video walls and workstations.

Knowledge is power. In the ever-changing IT industry, we thrive by learning and adapting our business model to meet the changes. Our knowledge base supersedes networking, server, workstations (computers), operating systems, and basic applications.

Our knowledge base (the short list) consists of the following:



Computing Hardware.

Operating System.



Database Support.


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