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Your Trusty Wolf Pack

Ten Years ago,  Hitech Wolf Inc. started out as Cohen Computers Inc. in New York.  While Cohen Computers Inc. was flourishing, in 2009, the design makers decided to extend our reach to South Florida (yes, we followed the typical New Yorkers who migrated south moved to Florida). Though Hitech Wolf is an American company and we LOVE America, we strongly believe in expanding to other parts of the globe.  This will allow us to learn other effective methods that we will ultimately help our client’s improve and grow.

The move to Florida has given us the ability to drastically lower the costs for our products and services (please note that we are mandated to sell certain products at a set Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). With respect to the manufacturers, we always look out for our clients’ bottom line and if possible, we will always work with the manufacturers and suppliers to negotiate the best price possible.  We have proven this by saving a major client over $75,856 in new servers, video walls and workstations.

The plethora of companies that we support, their business growth and needs (IT and beyond) goes before all else.  This is true for all of our customers and clients. Hitech Wolf Inc, is not just an IT Consulting company, we are technically a silent partner in our client’s companies.  We train our teams to adapt them to the clients’ industry, to learn what our clients’ needs are and how we can make their IT infrastructure work for them.  We can operate along with a company’s entire IT department or we can assist an individual IT officer, whatever works best to help your company reach its potential.

Knowledge is power.  In the ever-changing IT industry, we thrive by learning and adapting our business model to meet the changes.   Our knowledge base supersedes networking, server, workstations (computers), operating systems, and basic applications.

Our knowledge base (the short list) consists of the following:

  • Consulting 
  • Networking (physical networking devices and tying them together)
  • Computing Hardware (servers, workstations, mobile workstations (laptops, phones, tablets, phablets, etc,…))
  • Operating Systems:
    • Unix
    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Apple (Mac’s)
    • FreeBSD
    • Many others
  • Maintenance:
    • Remote Management
    • Help Desk support (for more than just technical support)
    • On Premises support
    • Upgrades
    • New installs
    • Infrastructure Audits
    • Maintenance Contracts
  • Development:
    • Web
      • Design
      • Building
      • Specializing in a plethora of  Frameworks & CMS’s (Content Management Systems). Here are a few
        • WordPress
        • Drupal
        • Joomla
        • SugarCRM
      • Custom CMS’s (Content Management Systems)
      • Maintaining
    • Mobile Applications (APPs)  (All Platforms)
    • Computer applications (all operating systems)
    • WebOS applications
    • Integrated applications that connect the entire spectrum of  devices 
  • Database support:
    • Database architecture
    • Database(s) implementation
    • Database architecture Audit
    • Database Maintenance
    • Logical infrastructure design and implementation
    • AI (Artificial Inelegance) development
  • Security:
    • Camera systems
    • Remote recording
    • Alarm systems
    • Smart system (smart switches, thermostats, locks)
    • Access systems (I.E. card access)

This list only scratches the surface of what Hitech Wolf can do for your company.



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